Looking Forward to 2021 – Yes and No

I have no interest in a detailed review of this miserable year.  The C-19 illnesses and death by the tens of thousands, the daily trauma faced by our healthcare workers, the unemployed, the business closures, the food lines, the evictions, the sheer desperation of so many people, and on and on… I guess that I did provide a detailed overview.

But the stock market set records!

What I look forward to (wish for?) in 2021

  • Trump and his lackeys are sent packing.
  • That the group of centrist Democratic and Republican senators who brought together the $900 billion aid package continue to do work on other major needs such as
    • Infrastructure
    • Improving the ACA
    • Climate change
  • That policies and programs are developed and implemented to
    • Diminish wealth and income inequality
    • Mitigate embedded economic and social barriers that enable systemic racism and overlook rural areas such as internet access, inferior educational systems, and exposure to environmental hazards
  • Reading the morning news without my blood pressure rising.
  • My vaccination.
  • A nascent economic recovery that transitions an economic boom by year-end
  • Trump’s taxes, his money laundering through Deutsche Bank for Russian oligarchs, and his sexual assaults all come out publicly and in the courts.

What I do not look forward to in 2021

  • During January, the likelihood of violent protests by right wing extremists.
  • More chaos and abuse of power by Trump in his last 20 days as president.
  • In the first quarter, there will probably be a spike in infections, hospitalizations, and deaths that will exceed anything seen to date.
  • The likelihood that the economy will fall back into recession AND
  • Despite the recession, the Republicans maintain control of the Senate and thwart Biden’s agenda and efforts to provide necessary support to the poor and newly “created” poor.
  • That the Supreme Court continues its conservative agenda with respect to religious “freedom” (allowing discrimination), abortion (further restricting availability), gun control legislation, and regulatory enforcement.

End-Year Thoughts

When I began the TAE, I stated that I would try to be apolitical.  The actions by Republicans to subvert the election, to fail to address basic needs of food, housing, and healthcare for millions of Americans, and basically to not want to govern, has made this objective to be impossible.  They are simply acting evil.

With Trump out of the way, I hope that politicians will simply do their job.  My fear is that Democrats will try to promote an agenda that has no chance of being enacted.  If moderates of either party are neutralized, then everyone’s focus will move to the 2018 mid-term elections.  A year of opportunity will have been wasted, and poverty and inequality will only worsen.

We will soon find out whether politics is purely about power—for both parties, the Constitution be damned.  I think that it is potentially a good thing that Democrats did not achieve gains down ballot.  Medicare for all, eliminating student debt, free tuition at public universities, and packing the Supreme Court were all doomed and only alienated suburban/educated voters. 

For starters, student debt is $1.7 trillion.  Where does that money come from?  Do only the “poor” benefit?  What about those who have been diligently paying off their debt?  Do they get a rebate?

I hope that pragmatism prevails over various “causes” on both sides.  Everyone is just tired of the noise and alternative facts.  Less internet and more discussion would be extremely beneficial.  It would be nice if social media was disenabled for 6 months.

And for those who have not been paying attention, the yield on the 10-year Treasury note has increased 50%.  Unfortunately, it has only increased from 0.60% to 0.90%.

But who knows, the stock market may be up!!!!!!!!!

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