Private Profits, Social Costs and The Minimum Wage

The concept of Private Profits and Social Costs is implicitly easy to understand.  It is far more difficult to recognize.  Simply put, there are areas of economic activity where profits accrue to a few in the private sector but produce significant social costs that are paid by taxpayers. Currently, there is a political effort toContinue reading “Private Profits, Social Costs and The Minimum Wage”

Federal Deficits, Debt, and U.S. Economic Growth

Background I have been a political independent my entire adult life.  Whether it is being caught up in the cult of Apple iPhones or a professional football team, I want no part of it.  This is particularly true when it comes to political parties.  In 2016 election I split my votes between presidential and congressionalContinue reading “Federal Deficits, Debt, and U.S. Economic Growth”